29 Junho 2022

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19 missing as ships sinks off Fogo

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The ship Vicente, operated by shipping company Tuninha, sank last night some four nautical miles from Vale dos Cavaleiros seaport on the island of Fogo. The vessel was arriving from Praia with 22 people on board. Three people have been rescued so far. The causes of the accident have yet to be determined. According to information gathered by A Semana Online, the ship is believed to have gone down at approximately 10:00 pm. The Vicente was transporting shipping containers with various types of merchandise and had 18 crew members and four passengers on board. In the hours following the accident, the passenger vessel Kriola and fuel ship Ostrea (owned by Shell/Vivo Energy) took part in the effort to try to save those who were on board the Vicente. The darkness and large waves of at least three meters resulted in the suspension of the search for survivors, which resumed this Friday morning. Aircraft and naval forces are expected to reinforce the operation, which are currently being handled by National Civil Protection Service, National Police and Maritime Police officials. A search and rescue plan has been drawn up for the 19 people missing, and physicians are on call at Vale dos Cavaleiros port to provide first aid.
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