26 Junho 2022

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Lava reached village of Ilhéu de Losna in Chã das Caldeiras

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The lava flow from the volcano on the island of Fogo has reached the Ilhéu de Losna district, where one of the main grapevine plantations in Chã das Caldeiras is located. The lava destroyed three houses in the zone, according to University of Cape Verde vulcanology specialist Vera Alfama. Ilhéu de Losna is a zone inhabited by few families, but which is home to wine producer Eduíno Lopes’ winery and to large plots of land on which grapes are grown. With the lava fast approaching his winery, Eduínio Lopes, the owner of the “Sodade” brand, was forced to remove more than 40,000 liters of wine from his property. In addition to covering large fruit plantations, it is feared that the lavas could, in a matter of hours, cut off the last remaining alternative road to the now-destroyed village of Portela. Another front of lava also continues to move slowly toward Cova Tina, endangering several large agricultural plots there as well. Meanwhile, the lava flow that currently stands some 3.5 kilometers from Fernão Gomes has stagnated. The current eruption began on November 23 and has claimed no fatal victims.
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