19 Julho 2018

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Mosteiros: Integration of the northern zone into the public energy network will save about 10 million escudos / year

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São Filipe,  Aug 7 (Inforpress) – The interconnection of the Mosteiros northern area villages, from Rocha Fora to Atalaia, into the public power network will allow the municipality to save about 10 million escudos / year with the deactivation of the municipal micro power plant.

In Atalaia and Ribeira do Ilhéu, the most populous of the northern zone, electric power has been provided for more than 20 years by the City Hall of Mosteiros, through the north central micro power plant, which provides energy to 300 families for 10 hours a day.

In its official website, the City Hall of Mosteiros is moving forward with the inauguration of the interconnection of the settlements into the public network, initially for the villages of Ribeira do Ilhéu and Rocha Fora, and a second time for Atalaia, the year of the “Single Central and the Energetic ring of Fogo”, in progress since 2014.

To guarantee the electricity supply to both locations, the City Hall estimates the cost of production exceeds 500 thousand escudos / month, and only fuels are about 400 thousand monthly, and the cost can reach 800 thousand escudos if the costs are added with plant maintenance and payment of personnel.



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