29 Junho 2022

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São Filipe district court finds couple guilty of drug trafficking

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São Filipe district court on the island of Fogo this week found the couple Pedro Gomes Andrade, 44, and Mónica Alves Nunes, 26, guilty of trafficking of controlled substances. Nunes was sentence to our years in prison, while Andrade was handed down a sentence of five years and four months. Mónica Nunes, also known locally as Có de Quim, was arrested in November of last year following a routine operation by the National Police Criminal Investigation Brigade at Vale dos Cavaleiros port on the island of Fogo. While searching a vehicle being transported on the ship Kriola, officers came across 2.1 kilograms of marijuana hidden among the cargo. The driver of the vehicle transporting the drugs from Praia, Adilson Rodrigues, claimed not to have been aware of the presence of the drugs in the vehicle, and said he had been hired to deliver the items to the island of Fogo. Rodrigues led the agents to the village of Achada Furna, where Nunes was waiting for the delivery. Taken before a local district court judge for an initial hearing, Nunes was ordered held in preventive custody, while Rodrigues was allowed to remain free pending trial. During investigations, however, it was determined that Pedro Gomes Andrade, Nunes’ partner, had sent the drugs from Praia. Andrade, who was on the run, was only captured recently. Both Andrade and Nunes have previous convictions for other crimes.
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