30 Junho 2022

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All three victims of family tragedy on Fogo were victims of respiratory infection

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A respiratory infection that quickly turned into a generalized infection was what, in the space of nine days, took the lives of three children of a young mother from Chã das Caldeiras, Fogo. The announcement was made by the director of Fogo and Brava Regional Hospital, Luís Sanches, who said that the tragedy was a consequence of the poor housing conditions in which the family lives, which led to the deterioration of the children’s immunological state. The three deaths all occurred within nine days of one another. The first child, a girl who was one year and nine months old, passed away on June 27. On Sunday, July 5, her twin brothers, nearly six months old, died as well. The family has been residing in the Achada Furna shelter center since having been evacuated from Chã das Caldeiras following the volcanic eruption that began in November last year. In declarations to A Semana Online, Luís Sanches said that, with the clinical investigation, Fogo and Brava Regional Hospital determined that the three children were already in serious condition when they were admitted to the hospital with a respiratory infection, which ended up spreading and turning into a generalized infection. According to Sanches, the conditions in which the family lives caused a deterioration in the robustness of the children’s immune system. “At the hospital, medical staff acted as it should have and took all due precautions. Unfortunately, however, there was a very sad ending to this story. It is, nevertheless, pertinent to clarify that the cause of this tragedy is not contagious. Indeed, other children who are members of the same family, as well as close neighbors, were also at the hospital for tests, but all are in a normal state of health,” he concluded.
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